our blends are

The Original
Food aversions? Can’t stand the smell or taste of certain foods ? This blend is for you. It’s neutral taste and smell shouldn’t have you running to the toilet and is easy, clean, and flavorless (in the best way). It’s super versatile and can be used for a variety of savory and sweet applications for your on-the-go needs.
The Veggie
Veggie: Our original blend with an extra bonus of whole-food vegetable serving in every scoop. That’s right. Kale, carrot, & beet is there to answer that call for more veg in your life in a convenient form. 

• 17 Kale Leaves
• ½ Carrot
• ⅛ Beet
The Fruit
Fruit: Our original blend with an added serving of fruit. Real whole cranberry, apple, and blueberry to to make a full serving of fruit with every scoop. 

• 7 Cranberries
• ¼ Apple 
• 4 Blueberries

The Cleanest Blends for Mom’s
Peace of Mind 

• No added sugars of any kind. 
• No fillers No Gums
• Nothing Artificial
• USDA Organic
• Non GMO
• Gluten-Free
• 100% Plant-Based
• Dairy Free
• Soy Free